AMR Solutions

Automated meter reading (AMR) devices

AMR means Automated Meter Reading or sometimes Advanced Meter Reading. These AMR meters are more advanced energy meters that are capable of measuring and storing energy usage for multiple time periods.

There are three different forms of AMR devices. These are:
·        Advanced meters - a remote reading device, connected to the meter
·        Data loggers – remote reading equipment provided by transporters on larger sites
·        Gas embedded meters - where the remote reading device is integral to the meter

Consumption (usage) information can be transmitted from an AMR device directly to the energy supplier, meaning manual meter readings are generally no longer required. The collection of this data ensures more accurate bills, and gives customers the option to analyse their energy usage data. In most cases, this data is available from the energy supplier on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, giving customers the option to monitor their consumption and develop new ways to operate more efficiently.
Businesses will, therefore, only pay for the energy they use each month because AMR devices provide an accurate meter reading; estimated bills become a thing of the past and it’s much easier to forecast usage.

Walk-by AMR

Walk-by AMR applications have proven to be an efficient and cost-effective means of automating a gas meter reading process, delivering rapid improvements in both customer service and operational effeciencies.
The RF transmitter is a highly popular entry level AMR device intended for mobile meter reading applications. It is compatible with most pulse enabled meters, making it a perfect choice for both retrofit and new deployments where meters from multiple manufacturers are to be used.

Key Benefits:
·        ·        Longer period data recording in the field
·        Battery operated of 10 years life
·        No special skills required to install
·        Migration to fixed network anytime in field
·        Low battery alarm supports maintenance programs
·        Retrofit capability protects investment in existing metering infrastructure