PE Valves

GME Double Purge Valves

    • Robust design, suitable for most harsh environments
    • Material selection body and spigot (PE100) offering excellent resistance to crack propagation
    • Seat, ball and grease combination ensuring low operating torques and avoids sticking over time
    • Selected ball material offering good scratch resistance
    • Grease with minimal wearing off from the lubricated surfaces for improved long term performance
    • With stem extension and purge points to use the valve for by-pass or purging of pipeline
    • Asset management can record, track and identify where valves are located and ensure traceability at all times
    • Seat compression of large sealing surfaces precisely set via separate pre-assembly
    • Flexible spindle shaft to ensure equal compression around the O-rings when loaded by internal pressure
    • Fully automated socket welding of stem extension and purge pipes for optimal reliability
    • Threaded metal bush in purge valve spigot for durable and secure connections
    • Threaded as suitable for universal flares
    • Stainless steel lever for easy operation of purge valves
    • Delivered with pressure-retaining plug